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The Story

Taken from the Chronicles of Doric

100 years ago, the entity Titao appeared. Said to be a version of the Goddess, it’s intention was to cleanse the world and restart it. Jaden Gatekeeper, Eternal of Time, would not stand for this ideology and decided to wage war against a creature he knew nothing about. Taking command of Escaliburn, using it as a last line of defense, he sent forces the worldwide to bring any people to the Mages stronghold. Unknown to him, Titao had already cut a bloody swath through the realm.

The Realms leaders had all vanished. Epostile Desuri, Emperor of Dragonia, gone…

Marcul Desuri, withdrawn from the fight.

Muscupic, Arch Cali Mage of Escaliburn, unheard from.


Jaden quickly realized he was alone in this battle and fortified Escaliburn as best as he could. To the misfortune of many, even with his immense power, Jaden could not fathom what he was up against. He had gathered what he could of the living but was unsettled by how few there were. WIth no contact from the other nations, he quickly began to realize that something was happening that even he could not see. He was unprepared for the things he was about to learn.

Titao had already spent the last 20 years tearing holes in the lifelines of the world. This was calculated and planned for decades, all done under the radar of every leader in the world. One might even suspect that it was beyond the perception of the principalities, who had also gone silent.

While even I cannot say for sure what happened on this fateful day, I can say this:

Titao waited for the perfect time to strike at the Eternal. The one barrier to whatever plan he had, was now completely unaware of what was about to transpire.

Titao gathered strength until the time was appropriate, and waited in the wilds, calling out to Jaden, baiting him toward him. In his arrogance, Jaden could not resist the call and came face to face with Titao and Shiabi, a canine-like creature that was an extension of Titao.

A battle unlike any other began. Little is known of what actually happened that day, other than Jaden consumed the power of all seven Eternal’s, becoming something greater and far more powerful than anyone had seen. But it was for naught. His body, unable to contain that much power, destroyed itself, leaving only the Slayer of Gods in its wake. One could only presume that whatever happened between these two titans took place in the perception of time that only gods endure.

In a blinding flash, everything ended. The world’s population had been reduced to thousands worldwide and there was no realm left, no leaders, no gods. Desolation for hundreds of miles in every direction where the battle had taken place. Titao and the Slayer were gone, leaving only destruction as a reminder of their presence.

Anyone that may have seen the battle take place, dead. All the historians and scholars vanished. There was no more history, and it appeared that there was no future. People that survive the battle around the world, unaware of what happened and would come to realize their gods had abandoned them as had their protectors.

Over the course of the next generation, these places and people would become Myth and Legend, many having convinced themselves that in making the world out to have been a mystical place, that the lack of beliefe in gods, would bring those gods back. But alas it wasn’t to be. For the next 100 years, no rumor of, or evidence of magic would be seen.

The planet itself was wounded, the principalities, in blaming themselves for these events because they intervened too much, stayed away, cutting off all magic and sources of power to the healing world. What magic did exist, was weak. Crystalline structures and fields around the world began to shatter and lose their light, with only the Crystal Palace itself still standing as a testament to the once mighty Empire.


Now with no History, weak magic, and crude tools, the world attempts to rebuild, this time, hopefully, with a new direction. In this time a new religion begins to take root in the hearts of the people. A singular church by which the principalities are forgotten. The world is now a shadow of its former glory, and it’s up to the few left in the world to help each other survive and uncover bits and pieces of the past.

Rules of the game

  • All Previous known history is Mythological in nature. Told as Legend with little to no evidence it was ever there.
  • Magic is extremely weak. The battle with Titao Damaged the planet and forced the principalities to mostly abandon the world, leaving only the natural magics of nature to empower clerics and healers. High power characters won’t be allowed this time.
  • No “Classic” Characters will be allowed, all characters in this version must be new.
  • This story will tie in directly to Alrune, 1800 years later, where all of the “Classic” story is still vastly unknown and the stuff of myth.