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Thank you for your interest in becoming a listed AllulaNET artist. There are a few requirements however in order to become listed. Bear in mind that this is a listing that is visible to ALL the visitors of the website, not just AllulaNET members.


  1. You may not take more than 3 commissions for any Allula related Material at a time.
  2. Should a dispute arise, you will bring it to the administrator’s attention immediately.
  3. You will, upon approval submit a pricing grid for your work which will be listed on your page.
  4. You will not charge exorbitant amounts for your work.
  5. You will give estimates of time, based upon current workload, schedule, and other requirements.
  6. You will update your clients on a weekly bases as to the current status of the commission.
  7. If using 3D modeling tools such as 3DS Max or Blender, you must list all addons and plugins used in the creation process.
  8. If you are livestreaming your work, you must use the “| AllulaNET |” tag in your Stream description.