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20 years in the making

AllulaNET began originally in 1997 with Dragonis Empire RP in Yahoo! Chat. With time and a lot of players, the RP needed to contain all this information in once place, thus AllulaNET was born a few years later in 2003. The idea was to build a major RP hub that could contain not just Allula based material, but many others as well. It gave the ability to partner and ally with other RP’s in the world.


Forum Based RP

We host our own Forums along with both the mods of the community and our own custom code.


Preserved history

Allula Content is contained on not just this server, but multiple offsite servers as well for security.

Terry is the mastermind behind the whole of Allula and Alrune. He is the main developer of the forums, story and rulesets used by all the content we have. Terry is known for his attention to detail and desire to bring RP to a whole new, unheard of level.
Terry Woolnough
Dustin is currently the main Developer for AllulaNET, and the mind behind the design of all it's systems. He has also had his hand in the development of Allula Story over the course of it's life, influencing many of it's elements.
Dustin Ericksen

"There's something about This world that draws not just people that want to be powerful, but people that want to... Matter... To embody the things they believe in and have the power to change the world. "

- Dustin Ericksen