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Dev Blog – All about Art

Hey guys,

So I’ve been working on a lot of the interface and structure for different features, and the first thing I want to get into is the Listed Artist area.

So this idea here is for all the artsy types out there that like RP, I want to be able to give you a way to be found by other members as well as everyday viewers that come to the website.

The application process is more of a protection for you and us than anything, so I want to kind of go into a little bit of detail as to the reasoning for these particular requirements.


3 Commissions at a time: My wife is an artist, one you’ll see in that listing, but I’ve watched her get overwhelmed by too many projects at a time. I realize that AllulaNET may not be the only community that an artist participates in, and I don’t want them getting overwhelmed as I know everyone wants a personalized picture of their character. This is just as much for the people requesting commissions as much as the artist because I don’t want people waiting a year for their commission.

Disputes: We all know it’s going to happen. Some impatient person waiting for a commission, and the artist isn’t moving as fast as they want… Well, that’s when you come to us with it. Don’t engage in a fight with your client, let us handle it. That’s what we’re here for. We will mediate the whole thing for you. We’re impartial and will listen to both sides before we render our own judgment.

Pricing Grid: This is something that’s going to be an issue with some. The reason behind this requirement is that we’ve seen a lot of this “Pay what you think it’s worth” kind of mentality. I don’t feel that this is an appropriate or fair way to price the kind of work that goes into these images. Maybe you drew an awesome picture for me, but I’m going to say it’s shit so I can justify paying you a tenth of what it’s worth. This is also why your previous works are shown in the site so that people know what kind of style they are getting into ahead of time.

Exorbitant prices: Again, another potential issue for some. What’s exorbitant? Who decides? Look, I’m not going to say don’t charge people for what YOU feel YOUR work is worth, but don’t be charging someone $200 for line-art is all I’m really getting at here. I want to get artists some exposure, I want to get players the pictures I know they want for their characters. What I don’t want is extortion in the site. These are people that you play with, or you read their content. Remember, they are people, working class like the rest of us. Be fair. I mean hell, I’m not even being paid for the work I do here, so if I can do this willingly, you can be fair with the people in the community.

Time estimates: Everyone has a life beyond the internet, I get that. You have the right to refuse commissions, completely. If all you can manage is 1 at a time, then that’s what you can manage. But at least give your clients an idea about how long something is going to take. It’s a matter of respect and courtesy. Just set that early expectation so that a week down the road someone isn’t messaging you or the admins going “Dude, what’s up with this?”

Weekly Updates: A quick PM or Email to tell them you haven’t forgotten them. That’s all it takes. Keep your clients in the loop so I’m not hearing from angry people every day asking me to get in contact with you.

3D works: I’ve been a Modeler. I know the rules and requirements of these things. If your using something like Maya, and you put Mental Ray back in as your preferred rendering engine because you hate Arnold, List it. I don’t care if your school paid for it, or you paid for it, it MUST be listed as the rendering engine in your description. This is a licensing issue over anything else and I won’t have legal issues cross my desk for any reason. Its 12 seconds of typing, it won’t kill anyone.

Streaming: I have the utmost respect for streamers. I can’t think of anything bolder than putting yourself out there for people to judge. Being what it is though, we do require that | AllulaNET | be added to your tags when your streaming something Allula Related. It’s good for everyone. It brings people to the site, let’s them see the Roleplayers, artists and whoever else we team up with. It’s good for you because as AllulaNET gets bigger and becomes more common, it drives your visibility as well. I’ll be working on a Stream Listing system soon, but it’s not really high in my priority list right this moment.

These aren’t meant to be something that discourages you from becoming a listed artist, but it is meant to keep us all protected from not only legal issues but from each other as well. You need to understand that whenever there’s an exchange of money happening somewhere, it’s a risk, especially for a site like ours where we aren’t set up as a business or any kind of organization that deals with profit.  As we are largely non-profit, we have to be careful on our end about how we handle these things.


Just keep in mind that I’m here to help everyone, not be anyone’s enemy or judge/jury/executioner. I just have to look at all the angles as best as I can and put protections in place to try and keep AllulaNET a safe, fun place to be.

Dev Blog – 11/16/2018