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Dev Blog – 11/16/2018

First Dev post! WOOOOOOO!!

Snow here guys, I’m one of the developers for AllulaNET. I’m basically the nerd that avoids people and stares at graphics and code all day.


So, first of all, I want to welcome any and all new faces coming to the site. We’re excited to be bringing Allula to a new generation of Roleplayers. I’d also like to welcome back old players coming back to Allula after so long, get ready for a wild ride.


In this First Dev blog, I’m going to kind of talk about things we’re doing, why we’re doing them and what’s on the horizon for now. The first thing that will likely come up is why we’re using PHPBB as the forum as opposed to more modern secure forums. There’s actually a very good reason for this. Terry and I were able to recover some of the content from 2003. Databases from the old forums we used back then. As those Databases aren’t compatible with things like SMF or Xenforo, we were kind of forced to go to PHPBB for now. Not the ideal standard from a development point of view, but we all know it’ll get the job done. I’ve done some modifying on the back end to protect us from any future attacks that might happen. While I can’t speak for our host, our data at least will be 100% secure no matter what attack gets launched on us, so don’t worry about that. In the worst case, if someone did attack, we’d lose maybe a day’s worth of material at absolute worst.

This time around, we’re looking at RP on a greater level. See back in 2003, RP was still one of those semi-taboo things that were reserved for people that didn’t fit in the normal social order. These day’s it’s more accepted, and indeed quite high in demand. It spans so many mediums now compared to what it used to. While the Forum and text variation of it is still in strong first for what’s out there, there are new evolutions of it popping up all the time. The big one Being GTA V’s FiveM modification. Yes, I am building an Allula GTARP server. No, I don’t have a release window YET. It’s close, but there’s still some bugs and issues I want to work out before I let people into it and start putting it out there for people to play with.

On the subject of Game servers, I’m looking at a lot of different angles, trying to stay ahead in terms of what’s out there for RP Use. I can create a lot of different game servers currently, but it’s a matter of what will facilitate RP the best. I could build servers centered around WOW, FFXI, Lineage, many games out there I could do it with. The problem I have with many of them is that the content is too great. There are too many things to do, and the worlds are so big that RP would be difficult to accomplish with a bunch of random players. I’ll keep an eye on these games for things that might give us RP opportunities, but for now, I’m going to stick to GTA and see how that goes before I start sinking teeth into other systems.


Upcoming changes:


Some of the changes you might see coming over the next few weeks are going to be Aethstetic changes to the main website, evolutions in the forums and possible upgrade to other forum frameworks, we haven’t really decided how to tackle that yet. A lot of the changes and things that I’m making are in preparation for an influx of players. To give you an idea, there are RP communities out there with thousands of players. Whether or not we see that many I can’t say, but I want to be prepared for the load just in case. I work kind of the opposite of game developers in that I prepare for a high load, then scale back to match the load, so there might be moments of slowdown and congestion in the Allula Servers for a bit while that all get’s tweaked and scaled.


With that said, I’m excited to see what everyone can come up with in their RP’s in all it’s forms. I’m eager to meet new players as well as meet the familiar faces of the past.


Good luck to you all


May the Godess watch over you

Snow Desuri

AllulaNET Developer